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Creating Wellness Lifestyle Coaching: Results you thought you couldn't get. Resources you didn't know were there. Clarity and momentum where you don't expect it.


Coaching helps you make lifestyle changes by finding what works for you! A step by step approach that gets you to your goal. Creating Wellness Lifestyle Coaching means getting your priorities straight with present time thinking and action: success with satisfaction becomes possible. It means maximizing resources, increasing strategies and changing outdated stress habits for accomplishing results.


If you are desiring less stress, better relationships, improved health, or help with specific problems such as weight loss, allergies, depression this may be the approach for you


Integrative and Holistic Wellness: Do you struggle with life and health issues? Adverse reactions to the many stressors in your life can play a role in most common illnesses: leaky gut,  obesity, migraines, skin problems, fibromyalgia, joint and muscle pain, chronic fatigue, insomnia, hyperactivity, "brain fog", anxiety, depression and more.


You may have stressor sensitivities and not know it. Frequent headaches, chronic digestive problems, pain, fatigue and a number of other common health complaints can be caused by reactions to foods and chemicals in our diet, environmental elements, toxins and even emotions.


All of these stressors can be evaluated with bio-feedback body scans and applied kinesiology. Both methods can indicate areas of stress and concern, which can then treated with specific homeopathic frequencies, "tapping", hypnosis or a laser.


Becky uses light trance, bodywork, Gestalt Therapy and advanced laser treatments (LZR7™ offering the benefits of bio-feedback, laser acupuncture and auricular therapy). Her approach is an effective and painless option for both adults and children for detoxing, balancing the body's nervous, emotional and immune systems; creating relief from many acute and chronic conditions.



Becky Appelfeller, Creating Your Life and Wellness Coach, practices a holistic approach to healing utilizing extensive training in Integrative Energy Medicine with 26 years of experience in Gestalt Therapy, Rubenfeld Synergy, Neural Emotional "Tapping" Technique, Past Life Regression Therapy (for weight loss and other chronic problems), Bio-Energetic Medicine and ASA BioBalance Laser Allergy/Stressor Treatments.


Becky's focus is to work as comprehensively and as integratively as possible. Her unique contribution is about how she synergistically combines all that she has learned. And, it's about going deep into stress patterns encoded in the nervous system to create deep lasting change on both conscious and subconscious levels of her clients; finding out what you are sensitive to, what you are doing, thinking and feeling that could be causing your chronic health and lifestyle problems and what you can do to get relief.

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