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Reduce Stress through Quantum Biofeedback

Quantum Resonance (which is addressed with Biofeedback) is a totally new field of energy medicine /  vibrational medicine that addresses the electrical properties of the body through stress reactivity testing of the entire energetic body field. Once tested, energetic therapy helps to neutralize disease and imbalances to harmonize the system. Biofeedback and laser therapy works to relieve stress by balancing physical trauma and emotional trauma by stimulating the nervous system to naturally balance the body.


This 21st-Century technology includes the latest generation in energetic medicine. Our new approach to health is based on the principles of BioPhysics and Quantum Physics.


Bio-Resonance therapy programs are non-invasive and relaxing. These programs have the capacity to measure body functions accurately and effectively treat issues oppressing the system. The therapies assist the body in healing itself efficiently and naturally.


The LZR7 system helps to relieve stress in several ways: performing stress reduction, enhancing sleep patterns, releasing trauma that has been accumulating since birth, boosting neurotransmitters to improve neuro-peptide flow, helping with anger and anxiety management, balancing emotions so that emotional energy flows easily, performing neural net stabilization for the nervous system, erasing depression through biofeedback, using electro-auricular acupuncture for balancing energy flow through the system, recharging and relaxing the body to improve.



It should be remembered that we work energetically, according to biophysics, so our work is mathematical and scientific. We do not offer diagnosis, nor do we do anything invasive. We are not involved with biochemistry because that is the province of the practice of medicine, which we do not do.


These therapies coincide very nicely with traditional medicine, and in fact complement medicine and pharmaceuticals.


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